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Fitness Fieldtrips

When I started SMILE4Fitness in 2011, one of my "bright" ideas was to have Fitness Fieldtrips! I always knew that it would be fun and a good opportunity for people to explore with fitness and #findtheirfitnessself. While it has taken some years to actually make it happen, I am happy to say that I will officially be adding Fitness Fieldtrips to the list of SMILE4Fitness services.

Our first fitness field trip was a wonderful experience for the body, mind and spirit. I took a group of amazing ladies (all varying inf fitness levels) to try an Ariel Yoga class at Yoga Centric. This was my first time taking the class as well; so, no one had an advantage or even a true expectation.

Might I say that the ladies of Yoga Centric were wonderful and my ladies (SMILERS) were AMAZING! Everyone had an open mind and open heart to the experience no matter what was asked of us. We engaged in a 45 minute ariel yoga/ floor yoga combo. This activity promoted teamwork, team building, healthy competition and even assisted in communication skills. You had to have a level of trust for the instructors Kim and Coral and they did not "Let us down"!

We got to test, try and push our bodies to healthy physical limits that some didn't know were there! Ladies tried movements in the silks as well as the floor and got a really great workout.

And just when we thought the hard work was over, everyone got their own personal photoshoot which, was probably the most challenging part of the workout. Yoga Centric is a beautiful studio of peace and tranquility. It is warm and inviting with a very excellent feeling of ZEN.

After all their hardwork, my SMILERS got to replenish and renew themselves with a delicious healthy fare of snacks and some yummy sangria! (Don't judge... There was lots of fruit in it!)

If you didn't know by now, I promote fitness! I want people to fall in love with exercise and fitness as I have and going on a fitness fieldtrip is a wonderful way to get active, learn a new skill, try challenge yourself and open your mind. I couldn't have choosen a better group of ladies to accompany me on my first fitness fieldtrip.

Don't worry if you missed this one! I'm bringing the fitness fieldtrip to you in 2016. I can't wait to expose people to all the fitness possibilities and help them to develop a SMILE4Fitness!

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