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My Fitness Journey 2015

Every summer I go on a Fitness Journey, in search of a variety of fitness experiences similar and different from those that I offer. I started this journey in 2013, had injury setbacks in 2014 and rekindled my journey in 2015.

This year, my journey started well before the summer, as I was looking for awesome instructors to feature at my Family, Fitness, FUN-raiser. I have met and connected with some of the best fitness professionals in the region. This year’s journey included experiences in barre, boot camp, ZUMBA, MOVEZ and more!

In February, I had my first experience at the barre was with Lara Wittstadt (now Mrs. Lara Custer). Meeting Lara was kismet as we immediately hit it off. My sister and I dropped in to take her barre class and she was awesome! Lara was super attentive during the workout, with a motivational voice that made you want to tuck, squeeze and tighten just a little bit more! I left her workout feeling great! Lara has put her passion, energy and expertise into creating her own style of barre and opening Barrevolution, a modern and fresh barre studio in Timonium, MD. It is here that I had my subsequent workouts with Lara, taking her barre basics and barre cardio classes! AMAZE-balls! These classes are the perfect blend of toning, balancing and sculpting your entire body… and the core section is AB-tastic! Barrevolution is inviting and open and Lara always greets you with a SMILE! I love it so much that I now teach classes there. Check out the new studio and get Barrevolutionized at

Shortly after meeting Lara, I was introduced the incredible Doug Kobiack, Personal Trainer extraordinaire (Thanks Owen!!!). Doug works at Sweat Performance in Timonium, MD and will give you the workout of your life! Doug was also featured at my Family, Fitness, FUN-raiser 4 ALS and all everyone could say was WOW! Doug has an amazing personality and his heart is as big as his biceps (almost). Doug welcomed me and my motley crew (sister, husband, cousin) to Sweat Performance for a trial workout. I experience so many emotions during this workout (elated, scared, humbled, happy, strong, and inspired) that I reminded myself of the movie Inside Out! While my family cursed me out during the entire session and stopped speaking to me for a day or so… they came around and said they couldn’t wait to go back. THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL (hashtag). But it was so worth it and felt so good. I was challenged in ways that I didn’t know were possible and Doug’s encouragement and motivation were appreciated and made me SMILE. Be sure to check out

This summer, I had a blast taking classes and meeting amazing fitness professionals. I danced with the awesome Adelica, owner and creator of Movez. Adelicia has amazing energy, poise and rhythm. Her classes are infectious, and all that are around can’t help but SMILE! I burned so many calories and loved every minute of it. Adelicia makes pouring down with sweat look good! Visit Adelicia at

I also took a Body Works plus Abs class with Maria at LA Fitness! This was an awesome reminder of my own boot camp class, and I immediately thought of every individual client and boot camper that I have ever had…. I’M SORRY! (lol) Maria busted my chops in a way that made me want to cry, SMILE, SCREAM… oh did I say CRY! I loved every minute of this hard-core workout. I learned some new exercises and really enjoyed my fitness experience with Maria. Be sure to check out Maria’s class schedule at


I don’t know where I would be without my ZUMBA®Fitness Fix! I have several amazing instructors who keep me movin’ and shakin'. I had the awesome pleasure of taking Brandon’s ZUMBA class at Atlas Fitness Center. Brandon’s teaching style is calm, cool and makes you feel confident in your moves… (even when you’re off beat). His choreography and song choice are fantastic and the best thing is that he’s so tall, that I can see him from anywhere in the class (when I mess up). Brandon’s ZUMBA class has the perfect mix of songs and skill levels that anyone taking his class feels like they are working the dance floor. His energy is also very captivating and charismatic. I look forward to the sweaty workout that I’m going to get from his class.

Chantal’s class is truly an exercise party! She has energy and moves for days and she challenges her students to WORK! I love dropping in and always being pleasantly surprised and energized when I take Chantal’s class. She really makes fitness fun! Be sure to check out Chantal’s class at

Everybody loves Mary! Mary’s Thursday evening class at LA Fitness is one of the most fun times I have had this year! Mary’s passion, energy and attitude win you over right away! Her class is diverse and has the perfect balance of music genre and dance style- so that it is really is a class for everyone! Mary's class will have you sweating and smiling, all at the same time. The energy in the room makes you forget your working out, really giving you the "let’s party vibe"! Thursday evenings with Mary rock!

This year, I learned a lot in fitness from launching a virtual fitness business to creating my own commercial. This business is hard work, but so rewording! My goal is to keep you engaged and informed about the all that this fitness business has to offer. This year, I’m launching SMILE4Fitness Field Trips! I closed out my year with my very first fitness field trip to Yoga Centric. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful workout. You can read about my first Fitness Field Trip in my December 11th blog.

Stay tuned for more awesome opportunities and experiences from SMILE4Fitness LLC. This year I will be celebrating 5 years as a small business. I’m inviting everyone to celebrate with me….. the SMILE4Fitness way. Until then, be blessed and remember to Stop Making Insane Lazy Excuses 4 Fitness!

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