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What's Your Challenge?

Challenge is... taking a selfie while doing and L-sit hold off of a curb. What's your challenge?

​As I embark on a new journey, I am faced with the challenge of pursing my goal to educate and motivate the general public about the benefits of proper health and fitness education. It is an awesome challenge, in which I fully accept. I have learned that is actually much easier to educate and bring health and fitness programs to the corporate world, because corporate companies have funds and budgets (some BIG and some small) to invest and promote overall health and wellness for their employees. But what about the general public who might not work in corporate America or a company that participates in employee wellness. How will you get information about nutrition, stress management, biometrics, ergonomics, fitness, mindfulness, disease prevention and other health and fitness campaigns? That's where I come in. My purpose is (and has always been) to positively influence and expose as many people as possible to the benefits of proper health and fitness education. I want to provide you with the tools and resources to help you #findyourfitnessself. As we approach the 5 year anniversary of SMILE4Fitness LLC., that's exactly what we plan to do. We are kicking it up a notch and transitioning from a local fitness business to a Fitness and Health Consulting Company! My mission is STILL to offer people a NO EXCUSES approach to becoming fit and healthy, with the utmost regard for their safety, health and enjoyment, where other methods have previously failed. ... To think, what I conceived some 5 years ago is now actually coming into fruition. I will provide opportunities for you to explore, learn, engage and partake in the abundance of health and fitness experiences that are among us. Through workshops, seminars, webinars, field trips, screenings, fitness and nutrition demos and so much more, we will all learn to SMILE (Stop Making Insane Lazy Excuses 4 Fitness™) to better our overall health and wellness.

So what's my challenge? ...The general public does not necessarily have the funds that corporate companies have to invest in some of these opportunities. These days most people are looking for the best deals in fitness and exercise - as am I! (Gotta love groupon). So I will work to bring you affordable activities and experiences that will be gentle to your fitness budget. (Apologies in advance because EVERYTHING CAN'T BE FREE - but we will have some of those opportunities too!) And we won't leave out corporate companies. We have something for you too! We will help you design engaging and effective programs for your company, so that your employees can achieve their overall health and wellness goals.

So there it is! If you're still wondering, in short: I PROMOTE FITNESS, HEALTH and WELLNESS! I want to share my knowledge, resources and passion for this industry that I have loved for so many years with you! I hope you will join me along the way so we can Stop Making Insane Lazy Excuses 4 Fitness™!

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