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My Wellness Journey

Each year, I go on a fitness journey. I love to professionally develop myself by taking fitness classes, field trips and exploring with new exercises and regimes. For 2017, I've decided to begin a wellness journey. This goes beyond just exercise classes and incorporates total well-being through exercise, meditation, nutrition, relaxation and rejuvenation. As I go on my journey, I will be constructing a wellness challenge/ journey for you to embark on as well based on my findings.


So first up on the list.. MUAY THAI KICK BOXING! During the first week of 2017, I wanted to jump start my journey with something new. I love boxing fitness. I have taken a couple of classes and even incorporate it in my own cardio-blasts, but nothing prepared me for Greg Dorsey's Muay Thai Kickboxing class at the Movement Lab. The first thing that was new to me was that all classes are completed with shoes off. If you know me, I'm a shoes on kinda girl, mainly because of my plantar plate tear in my left foot. I was nervous at first to see how I would do burpees and squat jumps (some of my favorite moves) with shoes off. It turned out, it was easy, and I was worrying for nothing! After a great warm-up the instructor divided the class into the newbies and the returning students. The newbies (4 of us) were given a solid informational background session before beginning any moves. I absolutely appreciated this! It's so great to know why you're doing something before just jumping right in. We learned the various punches, combinations and some kicks. Greg did a fantastic job at multi-tasking and teaching the different levels of the class. After receiving thorough instruction, we (newbies) were allowed to practice shadow boxing and then combinations with a partner, while Greg challenged and worked with the (veterans). This was great because we were all on the same comfort and skill level. The only downfall was that I am 5'0" and all of my partner choices were over 5'8'(lol). None-the-less, all of the newbies were great to workout with!

After practicing and getting comfortable with the punches and combinations, we moved on to learn kicks. WOW! Greg modeled first (all of my teacher friends will appreciate that). Then, he taught with the I DO, WE DO, YOU DO approach (love that!). He gave each newbie multiple practices with him, before allowing us to work in partners. It was a big challenge for me and any partner that I had because my front kick was at a much different height than that of my fellow newbies. But that made each of us focus on not getting the wind knocked out of us or getting kicked in the face! We all did a great job on neither of those events happening. At first it didn't seem like it was a lot of physical effort, but more concentration and focusing on correct form. However, after a few rounds of front kick and knee combos, I realized that I was really working... not to mention the fitness break that we took in the middle of class (push-ups, crunches, burpees, squats).

In one class, I learned punches, kicks, combinations, blocking, proper form and the history too! Greg was a great instructor, filled with passion, excitement and knowledge. He paid individual attention to each student and also allowed us to work cohesively as a group. I can not wait to return to class to pick up where I left off, not quite a veteran, but no longer a newbie! If you want to experience this class, check out the Movement Lab's schedule of classes. There is a variety of options for you to explore. I certainly left that class, stronger, tougher and as always ...with a SMILE!

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