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Fitness Field Trip: Antigravity® Fitness

One of my favorite SMILE4Fitness services is a Fitness Field Trip! It is an opportunity to try a new exercise or fitness experience with a group of people who have an open mind and desire to Stop Making Insane Lazy Excuses 4 Fitness™! On February 4th, we decided to venture to the Movement Lab, a truly eclectic and inspirational studio that pushes the envelop and redefines fitness and movement as we know it. I took a group of diverse, energetic individuals with me to the Movement Lab to try Antigravity® Fundamentals. 14 people ranging in all fitness levels joined me for this special, private class. Upon arriving, Lola Manekin, owner of the Movement Lab, greeted each individual and measured them for their Harrison Antigravity® Hammock. Before class even started people were swinging and playing in their hammocks. While many were nervous, we were all excited - anticipating what was to come.

Class begin with explicit instructions about using the hammocks... which elicited two emotions - "scared as hell" and "ready as ever". I was the later!!! The warm up was an amazing cocooning stretching activity to prepare the body and mind for the Antigravity® experience. Lola was outstanding at managing all 15 people with various personalities, skills and anxiety levels. From the cocooning experience we moved right into a series of inversions, upper body, lower body, core work and flying activities. Each activity challenged us mentally and physically! What many of us thought would be an Ariel yoga experience (which I absolutely loved!) was much more of an exercise and fitness experience... AGAINST GRAVITY! Now, I could tell you everything that we did, but it's nothing like experiencing it for yourself. Not only was the class amazing for me from participant perspective; but, it was also an emotional HIGH for me from a fitness and wellness specialist perspective. To see the looks on all the awesome participants' faces... literally as we were hanging upside down.. was PRICELESS. Everyone was engaged, elated and entertained in one way or the other! Lola individualized for each participant offering positive encouragement and motivation. She assisted and spotted as needed and adjusted for all levels and abilities. There was such a freeing feeling at the end of class that you couldn't help but SMILE in this great space! The studio itself is a wonderful and as inspirational as it's owner.

We topped off our class experience with the optional lunch at the R.House just below the Movement Lab. WOW! There were so many wonderful choices of cuisine in this eclectic, groovy, and hip eatery. The variety of healthy and delightful dining options were as bountiful and diverse as the people who were inhabiting the space. It was just a feel-good kind of space.. and the food was DELICIOUS!

Be sure to put the Movement Lab on your fitness bucket list and the R.House on your dining out experience list. This dynamic duo is a must try that will lift your spirits and make you SMILE!

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