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Try-It-Out Tuesday

As part of my wellness journey, I am exploring classes, events and activities that promote my overall health and wellness. A couple of weeks ago, I took a Tai Chi class and the benefits to my mental and emotional health were amazingly surprising.

I walked into Tai Chi with only the movie, The Intern (Anne Hathaway and Robert Dinero) as a reference as to what Tai Chi was all about. The class description intrigued me, “slow and rhythmic moving meditation that will help bring calm and peace to your busy week.” Who couldn't use some calm and peace during their week? I was also interested in some of the other benefits of promoting balance, breathing, focus and flexibility.

As I walked into the beautiful studio at the Movement Lab , the instructor Jennifer Lake, welcomed me with a smile. Her manner was quiet and calm. This encouraged me, as I was well on my way to achieving quietness and calmness. There was one other student that joined the class that day. She had been taking classes with Jennifer for a while. Jennifer began class with a history of Tai Chi, which really helped me to have a foundation for the practice. We began our practice sitting in a chair with a variety of exercises, stretches and breathing activities to connect to our movement.

Jennifer demonstrated a beautiful version of the Yang style of Tai Chi. After modeling; she led us through a simple, graceful flow that promoted balance, and concentration. I felt so peaceful and relaxed! At the end of the class, we completed a 3 minute meditation – which I definitely needed! It was a wonderful way to finish the class. I was so thankful for the experience, as I left feeling relaxed, alert and balanced.

I definitely have much to learn with this practice. It is a well-rounded mind and body experience that will improve overall well-being. I am excited to go back to take the class with a little more foundational knowledge and readiness.

#calm #balance #meditation #TaiChi #movment #smile #breathe #fun #smile4fitness

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