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What is your WHY?

I was recently asked to consider my WHY? That is why I do what I do. For me, the answer has always been simple. I love to motivate and show people that exercise and fitness is not some horrific experience that they are dreading; rather, it is a wonderful outlet with so many physical, mental, spiritual and emotional benefits. In reflecting on my purpose, my mission, and the very reason why I continue to SMILE4Fitness, I discovered that not only was I born to do this, but exercise, fitness, and movement is the one thing that I always commit 100% to. It is my great love (after God and family) for how it makes me feel, think and yes, look!

My WHY: When I encounter someone who is scared of the word “boot camp”, intimidated by my “muscles”(yes, that happens too), or who thinks that exercise is JUST TOO HARD - my WHY ignites! It becomes my purpose to encourage, motivate, educate and expose them to the endless possibilities that fitness offers, so that they too can SMILE4Fitness! Stop Making Insane Lazy Excuses 4 Fitness™ has been my motto and theme because I believe that when people #findtheirfitnessself, they will stop the excuses. When you find what works for you, it becomes less of a “have to” and more of “want to.” The excuses begin to fade, and the enthusiasm begins to kick in. My favorite thing to see after an individual session, fitness field trip, boot camp, barre or CORECare™ class, is the SMILE on the client’s face when it’s all said and done. Now before and even during the workout, it might be a grimace; but, by the end our time together (30, 45, or 60 minutes), it always ends with a SMILE. That look of accomplishment, empowerment, enjoyment and excitement is the very reason why I do what I do! You are my WHY, and my motivation to continue on this journey!

This summer, I want to hear from you – my motivation! What can I do to help you stay encouraged, get motivated, get moving, and/ or try a new fitness experience? What will make you SMILE4Fitness? Let's start working on your summer SMILE. Visit my virtual studio to get a free 10 minute cardio-blasting, body-toning workout. Base 10 is one of my favorite workouts for you to go at your pace, get fit and have fun while doing it. It's FREE, so Why not??

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