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2017 was truly a roller coaster ride for me and SMILE4Fitness! There were blessings, smiles, tears, heartbreaks and triumphs, all of which I managed to survive with a great support system, fantastic friends and colleagues and all the amazing SMILERS... that's you!

On this roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship, I have experienced ups, downs, twists and turns. What keeps me smiling is knowing that through it all, I have helped someone, made an impact (small and large) and motivated someone to Stop Making Insane Lazy Excuses 4 Fitness™! Your feedback in classes, field trips, fundraisers, email and on social media is very encouraging, motivational and inspirational-- and a huge part of why I do what I do! As I have evolved, my business has evolved. But all in all my mission has remained the same... to educate, motivate and offer engaging experiences in fitness and wellness that will truly help you to "Find your motivation, Lose your excuse!" (quoting myself here)

In 2017, I have been practicing using self care as healthcare by taking measures to care for myself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially in order to preserve my health and well-being. While the notion seems simple, actually putting this into practice is more difficult than it appears. Striving for total well-being goes beyond merely exercising and "eating right" (although these two are very important components). Some things that I have been incorporating are meditating, mindfulness, reiki, cross training, time management, budgeting, natural and organic skin and hair care and healthy smoothies. This is just the beginning, and I have so much more to learn and explore; however, my overall health has improved.

Throughout 2017, I've made connections, formed lasting relationships and partnerships, challenged my own strengths and fears -- and those of others who joined me. More importantly, I have rediscovered my purpose and passion! I am grateful to have encountered so many health and wellness experts in the various fields to assist me along the way! Since I have had help on this journey, I wanted to share this knowledge and these wonderful resources with you. Therefore, on March 24, 2018, SMILE4Fitness will host "What Women Want"! This event will be a series of wellness workshops created for women by women to share all the great secrets to using "Selfcare as healthcare!" During this day of wellness, we will have engaging and interactive workshops, fitness demos, nutrition at your fingertips, massage, reiki and a whole host of other opportunities. Best of all, we will feature a Wellness Marketplace of female entrepreneurs, selling, sharing and showing their amazing products and services. I hope you're ready to get "Fit 2 Be Well!" Registration for "What Women Want" will open on January 14, 2018! This has been my biggest smile42017, to be able to bring you this event (which I have been planning for over a year!). For more of my #smiles42017, check out the hashtag to see all the fitness, family and fun that we experienced! I am so excited to share my SMILE with you and looking forward to all of the #smiles42018 that we will create together.

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