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Jumping 4 Joy: Bungee Fitness

If you know anything about me, then you know I will try almost anything that fitness has to offer.. enter the BUNGEE! I have been following bungee fitness for almost a year, seeking out where to find, take and try this fitness phenomenon. In my search, I came up with Thailand, Arizona, Florida and Europe. I was even planning a trip to travel to Arizona just to take this class!.. Talk about a Fitness Field Trip. After letting the bungee topic rest for a while, it resurfaced again on social media, with a hint that the bungee was a close as Philly!

I immediately sought out this opportunity and learned that Awakenings Pole Dance studio in Philadelphia had the bungees that they use for special events. That sounded like a fitness field trip to me.. and a great way to "Fall in Love with Fitness". I reached out to Heather, the owner of Awakenings and she was fantastic in helping me set up our field trip. I could only have 6 total for this field trip as there are limited bungee harnesses. So, I grabbed the nuttiest crew that would join me on this adventure to Philadelphia, on a rainy Sunday, during an Eagles home game. Gotta love @ironyogirob, @iwouldratherbegolfing @blondbeetnirvana, @kristidbal, and @xfitxtreme.

We arrived at our destination in a quaint little part of Philadelphia. When we arrived (very late) due to traffic and rain Heather was gracious and ready to get us in the bungees. There was a tutorial in which Heather modeled for us the various moves and tricks that we would try, while in the bungee. We were set to go, two by two, while the others supported and did some fun, fitness circuits. I went first, along with hubby @Iwouldratherbegolfing. As warned, the bungee harness felt like the, "worst wedgey you will every have!!! It was tight and constricting, but I knew it would be worth it. After about 20 minutes in the bungee of squat jumps, leaps, fly's, drags, push ups, runs and so much more, I was drenched in sweat. It was so much fun that I didn't realize how taxing and demanding the movements were on the body... so much that hubby actually "passed out" just briefly. Note to self... don't fast before doing a bungee workout!

Everyone took their turn in the bungee - some of us mastering skills better than others, but all of us feeling the intensity of the workout. Amazingly after about 12 minutes the workout went from super fun to … Wow! this is tough! We all truly appreciated the power of the bungee. Doing regular moves such as squats, squat jumps, leaps, planks and push-ups take on a whole new meaning in the bungee. Other cool moves in the bungee included grapevine, flying, dragging and ninja warrior runs. After an amazing, thrilling experience, we grabbed lunch in Philly and headed home for a long rainy ride. I'm so grateful to my fitness friends for being willing to #trynewthings as they #findtheirfitnessself. I can not wait to return to Awakenings Pole Fitness to experience more bungee fitness plus some pole strength training too! If you're in Philly or want to try this EPIC experience, check out Heather and Awakenings Pole Fitness.... Stay tuned for our next Fitness Field Trip where we Stop Making Insane Lazy Excuses 4 Fitness!

Check out our field trip footage on our SMILE4Fitness FB page!

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