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Let's give them something to SMILE about...


Bikini Time!

“Working with Linaya the past two months has been life changing. Not only have I changed my workout habits but I've been mindful of my eating habits as well. Thanks to her I've dropped 6 sizes in my pants, and I can comfotably wear a bikini without having to cover up!” 

 - Kellie M.


“Who needs coffee when you have LinayaSmile4Fitness”

- Genna H.


"Linaya's Fit Camp is better than coffee"

 - Lara C.

Let's Work!

“I've worked out with plenty of people who claim to have the ability to "get you going". There's a genuine commitment to the client here. Using positive reinforcement helps to really"get you going"; with SMILE4Fitness what u put in is exactly what you'll get out of every workout.”

 - Kenyon T.


“Linaya offers live, virtual, FUN, effective fitness clases that actually get you smiling during the work-out! I love your classes.”

-Beryl K.

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